Brussels: the International Taste Institute awarded Cedea once again.

The exclusive international board of judges of the Brussels’ International Taste Institute has recognised again Cedea in their quality and taste certification. This award is a high-end highlight of the best quality products in food & drinks, on the planet. Worldwide experts are called for a blind test of products, and Cedea has been given again the Brussels’ prestigious prize.

Cedea has earned the International Taste Institute certification for both the Still and Sparkling water in these last three years, proving the superior quality of “The Mineral Water of the Dolomites”.

The International Taste Institute, formerly known as ITQI – International Taste and Quality Institute, is probably the most well known and respected authority in the field of Food & Beverage quality certification, on global level. Its judging board brings together the most famous and award winning experts, Chefs and Sommeliers worldwide.

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