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Cedea is Winner at the glorious global GOOD DESIGN® Awards

The Cedea exclusive packaging design is Winner once again! The GOOD DESIGN® Awards, by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd., is simply the oldest and most prestigious Design Award ever, established in 1950 as partner of the MOMA in New York and the Mart in Chicago. The GOOD DESIGN® Awards appoints the most innovative

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Cedea Water sponsors the Dravet Italia Onlus fundraising Golf event.

The 2019 edition of the Golf fundraising initiative “In Buca per Un Sorriso” takes place at the prestigious Garda Golf Country Club. Cedea Water is proud sponsor of the golf tournament “In Buca per Un Sorriso”.This important yearly event is a fundraising initiative of the Dravet Italia Onlus, supporting medical research for the Dravet disease.This 2019 edition took place at

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Cedea Water on show at the MOOD museum of Como

Ready for the following international design exhibitions, Cedea is at the Museum of the A’Design Award Competition The MOOD, the prestigious Museum of Outstanding Design, collects and displays only the best pieces of design awarded at the world-class prize A’Design Award Competition. Its exhibition is set at the Ex Chiesa di San Francesco in Como, on the Lake Como. It’s

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Cedea Water sponsor of the Italy Best Golf Tour 2019

Italy Best Golf is the engine of the international golf tourism in Italy. Its 2019 events and tournaments are sponsored by Cedea. Italy Best Golf, engine of the international golf tourism in Italy, planned a number of golf events and presents four main golf tournaments of first-class relevance. They take place in four different Italian regions: Veneto, Lombardy, Piedmont and

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Cedea is Winner at the global A’Design Awards

The Cedea exclusive bottle design is a Winner again! The A’Design Awards, within the most recognised prizes worldwide, awarded the proprietary packaging design of Cedea. The glass bottle of Cedea, with its magic colour reflections, competed against relevant packaging designs from all over the world, participating at the A’Design Awards and Competition. A top class panel of world-class design experts

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The Cedea bottle beauty wins the Red Dot Award

Cedea earnes one of the global highest design recognitions for the high quality of its packaging: the Red Dot Award. In Berlin, Cedea has been awarded the Red Dot Global Award for the excellence and uniqueness of its design. The Red Dot, possibly the most wanted award in design, is earned thanks to the exclusive features of the Cedea glass

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