Zenith Global Awards 2022: Best Water in the World!

Zenith Global certifies again the Superior Quality of Cedea Cedea is the Top ranking water again at the Zenith Global Awards winning the most wanted prices: Best Natural Water and Best Sparkling Water! The global competition this year has been held in the heart of Europe, in Evian. The event celebrated again the highest quality of the Mineral Water of

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Cedea Super Winner again at the Zenith Global Awards

The World Best Mineral Water again! Cedea quality wins reaffirming its superior quality! Cedea, Dolomites’ Luxury Mineral Water was protagonist once again at the Zenith Global Water Drinks Awards. Zenith Global in this edition 2021 awarded Cedea with the maximum Prize for the Glass Design of the special bottle 8.1! But most importantly, certified Cedea as the World’s Best Sparkling Mineral

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