Il Sole 24 ORE publishes Cedea, sample of quality company

The authoritative financial newspaper talks of Cedea

Il Sole 24 ORE, the icon of financial communication in Italy, publishes Cedea as sample of company investing in sustainability, technology and people in order to achieve the quality level that it was born for: the top.

Il Sole 24 ORE focuses on the trends of the global markets in terms of value, investments, new economies etc. Always critical and clinical towards the business phenomenons on the planet, it’s considered simply the best authority in finance and economy, related to culture and people.

The review they published about Cedea reflects the goals that Cedea as company always wanted to achieve.

Since its very beginning, the direction has always been one only: the best level of quality, the best level of products. The quality is indeed in all the aspects: from the technological standards to the attention to the staff; from the maximum sustainability to the maximum goodness of the product and the maximum design level. No compromises in Cedea, where impact on nature is next to zero and love for this noble work is over the top.

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