Cedea World

Cedea promotes education and culture in food and beverage, social education and awareness on health and quality of life.

Cedea World talks about projects, initiatives, collaborations with Chefs, Sommeliers, Entrepreneurs and more.

Cedea World 01

Red Dot: the dream Design Award

The Oscar of Design goes to Cedea

Cedea World 02

Chef Matteo Delvai

Successful Cedea Brand Ambassador

Cedea World 03

The best mineral water in the world

Zenith Global says that Cedea is the Best that you can have

Cedea World 04

The beautiful mark of Cedea

Style signature, sign of sustainability and natureness

Cedea World 05

Chef Reimund Brunner

Far beyond the Michelin Star for the Anna Stuben Restaurant in Val Gardena

Cedea World 06

Chef Alessandro Gilmozzi

The recognised excellence of a professional one of a kind

Cedea World 07

Riccardo Turri e Starpool

The man who promotes wellness with water

Cedea World 08

Locanda degli Artisti

The hotel where art meets the Dolomites

Cedea World 9

Alessio Cornamusini

The strength to climb the difficulties