The World Best Mineral Water again! Cedea quality wins reaffirming its superior quality!

Cedea, Dolomites’ Luxury Mineral Water was protagonist once again at the Zenith Global Water Drinks Awards. Zenith Global in this edition 2021 awarded Cedea with the maximum Prize for the Glass Design of the special bottle 8.1! But most importantly, certified Cedea as the World’s Best Sparkling Mineral Water and, for the second time, World’s Best Natural Mineral Water!

With these further awards Zenith Global increases the value of Cedea worldwide. The Zenith competitions are indeed global and the Players and Big Players who participate are from all over the globe.

These recognitions highlight the high-end quality that Cedea aims to offer. The quality of the mineral water and the glass design that keeps it sealed are special and unique. Cedea was conceived originally to create a Mineral Water like no others on the market, and achieving awards of this calibre celebrates the noble principles that started it all.

Zenith Global is a leader consultancy in Food&Beverage: its services cover all the sides of the business at all levels: technical, commercial and intelligence. After 30 years of successful business, today Zenith works with over 1,000 clients in more than 50 countries.

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