Cedea Luxury Mineral Water presents the returnable glass version: Cedea 8.1.

In order to expand its high-end target, Cedea created a new product version: the Cedea 8.1.
The new design was generated to specifically address one of the main features of Cedea: it’s alkaline value pH 8.1. In fact, the market trends show the global increasing interest for the alkaline waters, at all levels.
The alkaline mineral waters are a small minority of the worldwide mineral water products. The importance of the alkaline factor of waters is supported by a growing number of researches all around the world, saying that the human body can have benefits from intaking a base pH water that contributes to a more physiological balance of our acidity. As part of a normal diet, alkaline waters are preferred by many professional athletes and sportspeople because of the physical behaviour of body muscles under performance pressure.

The prime glass bottle of Cedea 8.1 was designed to highlight its alkaline pH: a logo and a bottle that show the natural harmony of a water flow, with gentle lines that strongly shape the glass in a unique way, giving Cedea 8.1 a strong personality. The smooth curves also recall to the smooth taste of Cedea water, that thanks to its alkalinity achieves a sweet and delicate flavour.

The design was developed with the idea of embedding into the glass both the dynamic energy of Cedea water and the smoothness of its multiple award winning balanced taste.


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