Cedea Luxury Mineral Water is a concept truly unique.

It takes shape in a special place, worldwide known for its beauty: the Dolomite mountains of north east of Italy, some of the tallest mountains in central Europe, uniquely spectacular rocky mountains in the world.
The Cedea water spring was discovered right there, at fifteen hundred metres above the sea, where Mother Nature created a spot of a paradise.
Cedea, the only water spring of the Ladin Dolomites, wants to make its luxury water known to the rest of the world, together with its magic values of life.


The high values of the Dolomites territory, UNESCO World Heritage, could only generate a mineral water of the highest, world-class quality.

Cedea is a first-class quality water. It’s absolutely natural and it’s also harvested in the most natural way.
It gushes out with its own energy, flowing from a rock fracture. It’s possible to watch it and hear it coming to life!
The mountains that give it birth are one of a kind, worldwide famous for their breathtaking and fascinating beauty.

Purity, energy, poetry. This is Cedea, the Enrosadira luxury water of the Dolomites.

Cedea was born to give the opportunity to have a water like no-one else.

Cedea is nobility: its harvesting process and the whole production process, are of the highest sustainability.
Cedea is green at the maximum levels, in the respect of the Earth and its own nature.
There was no need to drill the ground, there was no need to add any human intervention in order to drink Cedea water.
Cedea is Nature,Life, Luxury. It’s simply the most natural taste of the majestic, spectacular, magic Dolomite mountains. 


Mother Nature enriched Cedea’s birthplace in a way that makes it authentically unique in the world.

The Cedea water spring is located right in the heart of the Dolomites, at the feet of the Marmolada, also called “the Queen of the Dolomites”.
This place has many special features, thanks to the natural environment of the Dolomites.
In fact, they are so beautiful that UNESCO certified them as World Heritage.

The Dolomites, also known as pale mountains, are only concentrated within a small area. They are part of the Alps, but have nothing in common with any other mountain.
They have been inhabited for fifteen centuries by a local ethnic group: the Ladins, who still today are a recognised independent people. They safeguard and take care of the Dolomites territory.

The Ladin’s long history generated a very local culture, strictly linked to the Dolomites themselves.
Beside the traditions, customs and language, many legends and myths were passed on to the new generations for a millennium and a half.

Cedea is indeed inspired by ancient legends.


Cedea Luxury Water could only be inspired by the Dolomites romantic, fabulous stories.

The Dolomite rocky mountains are made of Dolomite, one of a kind mineral, of white colour tones.
Such mineral generates a very peculiar phenomenon.
At sunrise and sunset, the Dolomites light up in a reddish, burning colour very intense, proudly rising against the sky with energy.
This spectacular event is called Enrosadira. The Enrosadira is the magic vibration of the Dolomites’ life.

Many Ladin legends tell about the Enrosadira and the prodigious beauty of the Dolomites, with their rich and spectacular nature.

Cedea was the Water Goddess of Life, highlighted by the magic Enrosadira colour when the Dolomites become red, resembling an enchanting garden of Roses.


Cedea is pure elegance, nobility, harmony.

Cedea is the exclusive, world-class water of the Dolomites. It’s the only Enrosadira Water.
Only made of prime glass quality, It’s bottle is shaped by the flowing lines of the water gushing out at the spring.
It stands on a sculpted symbol of the Cedea Rose flower, intense coloured. Such colour vibration magically glares and reflects through the whole shape, highlighting its sensual curves.
Cedea is the excellence of water, in a stunning form of beauty.

Cedea comes in two fine features: in its still natural state, and also with bubbles added, kindly sparkling.
Two sizes are available: 750ml and 375ml.
The bottle design is proprietary of Cedea.

cedea luxury mineral water bottle

Since the launch in late 2018, the Cedea bottle design earned some of the most significant awards worldwide. Its packaging design has been awarded by the global Red Dot Award, the A’Design Award Competition, the Muse Design Awards and the Zenith Global Bottled Water Awards and the Good Design Awards by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.

Cedea has been awarded by The global Red Dot Award; The A’Design Award Competition; The Muse Design Awards The Fine Water Society; The Tastings of the America Testing Institute; The Global Bottled Water Awards by Zenith Global and the Good Design Award
Cedea has been awarded by The global Red Dot Award; The A’Design Award Competition; The Muse Design Awards The Fine Water Society; The Tastings of the America Testing Institute; The Global Bottled Water Awards by Zenith Global and the Good Design Award
Cedea Luxury Mineral Water Reddot 2018 winner


Cedea is the taste of the Dolomites.

Cedea comes to life at fifteen hundred metres above the sea level. It spills out from the bare rock with its own energy, flowing straight into its bottle with no human intervention needed.
Extraordinarily. the features of this water keep extremely steady on all the parameters, demonstrating its noble natural values.
It flows out at amazingly constant pressure, perfectly pure and cold, at 6.9ºC.
It’s an oligo-mineral water, with 130 mg/L of Total Dissolved Solids. It’s light and extremely balanced in minerals, ideal for the human body, for everyday use and does not cause liquid retention.
Because of its equilibrium, beside being a top quality water to drink, it also makes the ideal dilution for tasting whiskey.

Cedea, the original taste of the Dolomites, has been awarded by prestigious worldwide tasting competitions and organisations: 
• Zenith Global – Global Bottled Water Awards (Dubai): Best Natural Still Water in the World • American Beverage Testing Institute (Chicago): The Tastings Awards • Acque Minerali Academy (Italy): Quality Certificate • The Fine Water Society (Ecuador): The Taste Awards • International Taste Institute (Bruxelles): Superior Taste Award.


Taste Awards for Cedea


Temperature at source (°C)

mg/l TDS at 180°C




Ca++ (mg/L)


Mg++ (mg/L)


Na+ (Mg/L)


K+ (mg/L)


HCO3- (mg/L)


SO4– (mg/L)


SiO2 (Mg/L)

Cl- (mg/L)

F- (mg/L)


Cedea helps the human metabolism.

Cedea luxury mineral water bottle

The vaste majority of the waters available worldwide is acid. Their pH value is in fact generally between 6 and 7, or even less than 6.
Contrarily, Cedea is an alkaline water, a class of waters much more rare.
The water has a primary role within our diet. Especially with today’s habits, with large consumption of meat, fish and dairy products, the human body is easily exposed to metabolic acidity, which is not ideal. Intake of wine and alcoholics further pushes such acidity, as smoking too.
Drinking alkaline water helps the body to reach a balanced pH, which needs to be slightly alkaline. For the same reason it’s healthy to eat fruits and vegetables.
Cedea water can be part of a healthy diet, with its pH 8,1, making it always a perfect partner for any meal, balancing the human metabolism.
The taste of Cedea is light, perfectly clean, smooth and refreshing.